“Tweeting Out a Tyrant:” Social Media and the Tunisian Revolution

This paper focuses on the Tunisian Revolution that occurred in January 2011. The revolution was dubbed by many on television, on the Internet, and in the blogosphere, as the “Twitter Revolution.” I focus on how social media serves as an effective tool in the political climate of Tunisia, but in analyzing critiques of the Twitter title in conjunction with survey responses from 50 Tunisians, I argue that the “Twitter” title is Orientalist as it emphasizes the role of Western-made technologies, rather than the role of Tunisians themselves.

Tweeting from Mecca: Mobile media, time, and sacred experiences

by Krista Melanie Riley

For hundreds of years, Muslims have travelled annually to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. Although the specific rituals of the pilgrimage have remained the same over this time, the technologies involved in both the travel and the communication about the journey have transformed considerably.