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Rouge ta rue

Two weeks ago open-wi sent out an open call for photographs and animation of the Quebec student protests and manifestations casseroles. Within one week we received the over 500 photographs, videos and animated images that form the Rouge ta rue video.

Social Movement Media – CUTV

GRETCHEN KING, MCGILL UNIVERSITY, COMMUNICATION STUDIES; CUTV Beyond Twitter and Facebook, the mix of mediums wielded by strikers, protestors, and their allies on the streets of Montreal over the last four months includes CUTV. The Concordia-based community television station offers…

Walking the Streets with a Swarm of Prismatic Specters

THIERRY BARDINI, UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL, DÉPARTEMENT DE COMMUNICATION   Until Edison invented the electric light, most of the world was covered in darkness. The physical darkness outside and the inner darkness of the soul were mixed together with no boundary…