On the Dérive for Mobile Experience

This paper describes our deployment of a new method for observing and understanding the mobile user experience. This new method is built upon the concept of the Dérive, a theory and method appropriated from the French Situationists. In our research on mobile user experiences, the Dérive is used to inspire mobile storytelling.

Wi Brazil: An Introduction

It is a great pleasure to present Wi: Journal of Mobile Media’s third issue. What differentiates it from previous issues is its focus on a single country, namely, Brazil. More importantly, with views, cases and theoretical discussions made by Brazilian researchers and artists.

Locative Media in Brazil

“The internet has already started leaking into the real world” Ben Russel (1999) Cyberspace Downloaded Paradoxically, mobility media are localization media. It is interesting to note that locative media, which emphasize places, are furnished by mobility technologies that combine devices…