It has been a scant three weeks since we first sent out a call for articles in response to Québec’s Bill 78 and the student strike.
At that time, the sweet sounds of the clanging of pots and pans dominated the nightly streets of our cities and towns. They have subsided in the wake of the increasing presence of riot police at public events in Montreal and Québec City.

Battle for Soul of Society

As a university professor and former university student in Montreal, I am fascinated and, frankly, encouraged by the ongoing student protests that are rocking that city and Quebec.

As Montreal police chief Marc Parent stated, it is something “never before seen in Canada,” but we should not necessarily frame it in negative terms (despite the media fixation on the isolated violence of a minority of trouble-makers whose actions are inarguably pernicious). This is not an isolated battle in the streets of a great metropolitan city, but a battle for the soul of society and an attempt to wrestle priorities back to educating our youths so they can succeed as responsible citizens.