Interviews Regarding First Edition of Open-Wi

This first interview was with Taylor Tower for the CKUT show the Monday Morning After. We discussed the process of bringing together the special issue and other topics related to the student movement. Two apologies. I blanked on Andrea Zeffiro’s last name when discussing the original editor team for Wi- sorry! And I should have mentioned Ben Spencer when discussing the names of the editorial collective for the current special issues. ,


This is excerpted from “The Red Square Report,” a round table about the student movement that Magda participated in, alongside Simon Lanctot and Julie, both CEGEP teachers from Profs contre la hausse and Sophie from Artistes contre la hausse, also recorded at CKUT. Correction: Magda refers to Open-Wi editorial collective member Alison Maya – who’s real name is Alison Reiko Loader.


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