Audio Mobility: Introduction

By Peter Sinclair and Elena Biserna. voir la version française The major part of this special edition is based on the proceedings of Locus Sonus Symposium #8 Audio Mobility . The symposium assembled an international panel of artists, theoreticians and…

Justin Bennett: Walking, Telling, Listening – Audio Walks

Justin Bennett reflects on his long series of audio walk projects that, spanning the last two and half decades, have “overwritten” urban space in many different ways. Experimenting with recorded sound, radio transmission and, more recently, locative media, he addresses historical, social, economical as well as environmental issues relating to specific sites.

Elena Biserna: Mediated Listening Paths: Breaking the Auditory Bubble

Elena Biserna’s reflection starts with the act of walking. Her paper provides an introduction to the history of mobile-mediated listening-works from the 1980s onwards. By focusing on the redefinition of boundaries between aesthetic and everyday experiences, it considers three different ways of reshaping the relationship between the walking-listener and his/her environment.

Samuel Bordreuil: Between The Marching Band and The Sound Walk

Samuel Bordreuil takes us back to the 1980s – the days of Djs and sound systems and relates the way they conquered territories in Marseilles. In so doing, he addresses (social) commonality, sense of belonging, musical territorialization of urban space and its “dramatizing” effects.