Introduction: Bio-Mobilities Issue

Bio Mobilities

Edited by Jennifer Willet, this issue address issues of bio-mobility from a variety of perspectives. With contributions from artists, theorists, programmers and tinkerers, this issue serves to address bio-mobility in relation to biomedia, bioart, biotechnology, biomedicine, ecology, phenomenology, embodiment, performance, and even re-animation of biomaterials.

Antonia Hernández: Companion Species


Antonia Hernández offers an online portfolio of photographs of microorganisms with which she shares her domestic space – specifically a delightful array of colorful and textured molds found in foods left unattended in her fridge.

Jennifer Willet: BioARTCAMP: Trekking the Lab into the Field

Dr. Jennifer Willet presents research results from a large collaborative bioart project called BioARTCAMP, where 20 artists, scientists, and students were invited to build a portable bioart laboratory and conduct a variety of art/science projects in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.