Are we living in a culture that places a premium on mobility and constant connection? If so, then what are its contours, shapes, and manifestations? What new practices arise, what is transformed and what persists? How are such transformations experienced?

Tweeting from Mecca: Mobile media, time, and sacred experiences

by Krista Melanie Riley

For hundreds of years, Muslims have travelled annually to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. Although the specific rituals of the pilgrimage have remained the same over this time, the technologies involved in both the travel and the communication about the journey have transformed considerably.

Talking of Revolution, Again: Interview with Fred Turner

What do Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, the Indignados, and the Carré Rouge movement have in common? At least one thing: people involved in them make massive use of the Internet and recognize themselves as the members of a “digital” culture. The problem, however, is to turn the possibility of expression provided by new media into stable institutional change.